About Us

Store Owners, Danielle and Lauren Gambino, smiling outside of their storefront PLNTD on opening day

PLNTD is a specialty plant, wellness, home and apothecary shop in Jersey City by two sisters. PLNTD was created in 2020 during a time of constant uncertainty in the world around us. Nurturing our houseplants, learning the healing properties, and reconnecting with nature gave us a sense of reassurance and grounded us during those challenging days. We want to help others achieve that feeling of peace and harmony in their own spaces while also educating and growing with the community around us. We believe that no matter what life throws your way, you can always grow where you are PLNTD.

PLNTD  specializes in house plants ranging from exotic and rare to lower-maintenance and easy to care for. We provide the care and wellness benefits behind each plant so you and your new plant can thrive. We also feature a curated collection of interesting homewares, thoughtful self-care products, luxe apothecary items and specialty gifts.  We highlight products from local female artists and creators, boosting our community of women in small business. We focus on plant education, wellness, community and growth.

In addition to the storefront, the PLNTD team specializes in plant installations for homes and businesses, plant maintenance programs, plant workshops and events, custom planters for special occasions, and plants and decor for weddings, events, favors and more.